Self Improvement

The teaching of Diogenes and his oft-forgotten school offer a path to contentment.

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Diogenes walked along a Greek cobblestone road in the 4th century B.C. His facial hair, staff, and knapsack were among his few worldly belongings.¹ Yet to write him off as a senseless beggar was a huge mistake.

He came across a boy who was standing along a wall, chucking rocks at a crowd of people for no reason. As he approached, he recognized the boy, who was the son of a prostitute. The boy saw Diogenes and called him a foul name, before picking up another rock.

Diogenes gestured to the crowd and said, “Careful, boy. Don’t hit your father.”

Diogenes the Cynic was not your conventional philosopher. He had an edge and an eccentric lifestyle. But he was beyond brilliant and a threat to status quo intellectuals. …


A true story from my morning coffee madness with my cat.

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Not all orange tabbies are benevolent destroyers of worlds. But mine is. His name is Jean Claude.

He executes his power in myriad ways: proving gravity by knocking over half-full cups, using my laptop as a heated throne, or abruptly meowing into my ear in the wee hours, reminding me that he is the one true king of darkness and I shall obey.

He also has a very ‘cat’ pastime: critters. Be it cockroaches, beetles, large ants, or mice, he is a fan of making small things that move, not-move.

I don’t particularly enjoy making ‘serial killer cat’ jokes, not because there isn’t any truth to them (there is). It’s more because I love cats with a sort of motherly blindness that forgives even those most hellish of sins. I always reconcile some unseen villain is blackmailing my kitty into killing rodents. …


Push past the riff-raff and backwash of the modern dating pool, today!

Pic by Author: Sean Kernan

Tired of flakey guys with roaming eyes, bad personalities, and no ability to follow through on anything?

Finding a man in today’s world is tough. You need someone you can trust further than you can throw a watermelon. You need someone who can get the job done when you need it.

Enough with the constant questions and confusion. It’s time for your satisfaction to come first.

Introducing, Sean’s Boyfriend Services, (SBS)

Loyalty Guarantee — if you need me to take your side during a fight, listen to your rants, or agree with you no-matter-what, I’ll gladly comply, “You’re so right, Veronica is totally a witch. …

The story of David Phillips and his bizarre pudding heist.

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The best civil engineers are systems thinkers.

They weigh variables against resource constraints. They are methodical and patient. They listen. They have a sharp and creative mind, with a great eye for detail.

When they are younger, they might let you cheat off their math homework. When they are older, they build awesome buildings and bridges.

Long ago, they orchestrated the Temple of Hera, Parthenon, and the Roman Colosseum.

Today, they buy pudding.


A grocery run evolves into a hustle

David Phillips is the VP of Engineering at the University of California. He is focused on sustainability and green energy.

But on this day, he was a grocery mule, stocking up on food on a busy Sunday. …

Racism & Equality

A look into the social effects of racism on those who can’t see it.

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Imagine an alternate world, where humans live, and the vast majority possess six senses. You are born into this world, missing that sixth sense. All you’d have for reference is other people’s description of it. People would ask you lots of stupid questions about how you function without it.

Imagine further that a major social issue, something as significant as racism, was most commonly perceived through that 6th spectrum.

How well do you think you’d understand it? Would most people write you off and assume you didn’t get it? You probably get where I’m going with this.

So much of human interaction is affected by race. Meanwhile, race is mostly a hollow concept in science. More plainly, it’s just another label, a made-up thing we use to sort each other into boxes. Perhaps, like blind people, we shouldn’t see race at all. Yet even that assumption is problematic, in more ways than one would think. …

And what so many older folks are still missing.

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When people make these list articles, they often overstate the obvious:

  • Work hard.
  • Don’t be afraid to fail.
  • Believe in yourself!

These things might be good reminders, but they don’t really add to the conversation.

Even further, they don’t really produce meaningful insight for people to better their future.

If more people understood these eight things sooner, they’d be happier, more efficient, and endure a lot less pain.

1. Don’t back yourself into a corner that’s hard to get out of.

I knew their relationship was trouble from the get-go. They never got along. They had nothing in common. There was always drama, complaining, and tears.

And here they are, sixteen years of suffering later, with three bandaid babies, and a messy divorce to get through. …

How ambush marketing was taken to a new level at the Olympics

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Promoting at the Olympics is safely guarded. After all, the keys to sponsorships sell for more than a billion dollars every four years.

Outside of that, no shenanigans are permitted.

When the clearly-defined rules are tampered with, the IOC gets very angry. They impose steep sanctions on those who transgress.

Meanwhile, with marketing, the brilliance often occurs at the edges, the tiny, hidden grey area between what is allowed and what isn’t. It is in this small pocket, that guerilla marketers unlock fortunes.

This is why this story is so brilliant.

The Setup

Usain Bolt owns the word ‘fast’. He is sponsored by internet companies. …

Self Improvement

Some quick strategies to reclaim your time and motivation.

Yoga with reality glasses on. (Source: Pic via istock)

Time leeches add nothing. They latch on and take. If you remove them wrong, they cause more problems.

High performers are time assassins. They burn off leeches without a second thought or any sign of remorse.

I’ve never disagreed with another writer more than when he said, “Never say no to a podcast.”

Podcast appearances and TEDx presentations: two things that aren’t that special anymore. They’re mostly misallocations of energy.

Time leeches.

Most people are laughably wasteful and generous with their time.

It reminds me of Dumb & Dumber when Harry & Loyd find a suitcase full of cash and start spending recklessly. …

The mastery of a remote Italian sunglass company.

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At a sunglasses store, you’ll often see competing brands stacked next to each other, positioned for easy comparison.

For example, Oakley:


The story of Gaius Appuleius Diocles, his money, and where it went.

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This year's list of top-earning athletes was full of the usual suspects: Roger Federer at $106 million, Cristiano Ronaldo at $105 million, all while Lionel Messi earned a mere $104 million.

We often assume that modern athletes, even with inflation accounted for, earn more than athletes in the past. Markets are bigger. We have sophisticated sponsorship channels. Yet it's very possible our assumptions are wrong. One man, from thousands of years prior, might have them all beat.

However, his story couldn’t have been more different.

The beginnings of a megastar

For many, charioteering is an ‘escape the coal mines’ type of job. They were slaves or indentured servants and didn’t want to be. Charioteering was seen as a better escape than fleeing or gladiatorial combat.¹ …


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