Real men don’t talk tough on the internet.

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To my knowledge, my mother is not a man. But she’s a very strong woman.

My grandfathers were both World War II fighter pilots. My dad was a special forces soldier.

The phrases “be a man” and “toughen up” were introduced at an early age. My desire for validation, my need to adapt, were all viewed through a very male prism.

This approach brought a few obvious challenges. But what good, positive laws of living can be drawn from masculinity?

Most of these will apply to women as well.

I. Harness the power of mediocrity

The Naval Academy is quite competitive and for good reason. It’s prestigious. There’s no tuition. You’ll receive an excellent education and spending money. But you’ll be required to serve five years in the military after graduation. …


A look into the psychology of animals and how it would pan out.

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Wildlife documentaries are rich food for the curious mind. They provide a fascinating contrast to human lives.

We pursue success. We push to be our best selves. Yet at the same time, animals live their own narratives. They do things that are remarkable, brilliant, cute — and totally horrifying. There is no logic, emotion, or mercy.

Nature is far more metal than Deicide or Cannibal Corpse could ever hope to be. But you can still see some element of yourself in each of them.

As a full-time writer, who often writes about self-improvement, and who gets tired of seeing the same formulaic writing, I couldn’t help but wonder what self-help articles by animals would be like. …


A hypothetical scenario on a day in the life of a humble writer.

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Questions are a big part of my writing strategy. I often use them to build out longer pieces.

So let’s play a game. In a hypothetical scenario, let’s say you woke up as me. What would your day be like?

You’d wake up in a bit of a haze. You aren’t much of a morning person. So the room would look a little blurry at first.

You’ll need to pee. If you’ve never stood while peeing, just sit down. It’s harder than it looks, no pun intended, and I can’t teach you in one go around.

You’ll need to brush your teeth, please. I hate bad breath and refuse to be part of the problem. …


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