History | Law | Crime

The true story of Susan Kuhnhausen and her would-be killer.

Woman punching a bag.
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I’m not usually a fan of crime stories. Even when the criminal is caught, I end up feeling sad for the victims: Nobody is a winner in a murder case.

The shows are also super predictable. The husband is almost always the killer. …

Fiction | Love

The story of love that rarely gets told.

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You strike a match, sending an orange peel of firelight into the cold air. You both love these getaways next to a roaring fire under an open, starry sky. This mountain camping trip marks your five-year anniversary.

You grilled chicken and talked about all the things you wanted to accomplish…

Social Media | Writing | Self

Surviving waves of turbulence that will never die.

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Every platform I’ve ever written on — Quora, Medium, Substack, Newsbreak — have roiling pockets of drama and negativity.

In fact, it’s so pervasive that if I tweeted out, “I’m tired of all the drama.” I can promise viewers would draw different and unrelated conclusions:

  • “He must be referring to…

Beware of a culture of corporate betrayal.

Man in a crowd thinking.
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I’ll get this out of the way now: There’s a big difference between snitching for self-serving reasons and snitching because someone isn’t pulling their weight.

Incompetent, unethical employees need to be removed.

Before your read any further, be honest with yourself and decide if the problem might be you.


Do your due diligence and don’t be afraid to implement your actual lessons.

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Few genres pay like self-help content. Get good enough at teaching people how to live better and be happier, and you’ll own several yachts.

I don’t wave around the fact that I write self-help. There’s a stigma attached to the genre and I can’t say it’s unwarranted.

Because it often doesn’t work

The sad fact…

Self | Humor | Relationships

Be careful of hooking up with people you have to work with or see every day.

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There’s nothing weirder than sharing a swimming lane for four months with two people you’ve hooked up with.

It’s like distilling down the worst parts of a threesome into liquid awkwardness and being forced to swim in it.

I wasn’t alone. Every lane on our team had a story, or…

Kids are being pimped out for views on YouTube.

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In an ideal world, I’d be writing about all the reasons things are going to be fine, how the sun will come out tomorrow, how it’s going to be all music and rainbows from here on in.

It’s not happening.

YouTube Kids is not only bizarre, it’s often chaotic, pointless…

Science | Animals | Health

The dangers of human-animal contact continue to manifest.

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Kimberley Hockings works at Cantanhez National Park in Guinea Bissau near the west coast of Africa. She saw four chimpanzees with lesions on their face and hands that were unlike any she’d seen before.

She works as a conservationist and sent the photos to a wildlife veterinarian, Fabian Leendert, who…

Self | Life Lessons

Be careful or you’ll get taken advantage of.

Group at a party posing together.
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A 75-year-long Harvard study found that good relationships are the most important factor for enduring happiness and success. Having quality friends and partners protects the brain, preserves emotional wellbeing, and lowers physical pain.

This finding doesn’t include fake friends.

Favors are found on a one-way street

Asking someone to do a favor is a proven way to…

Working at a startup sounds like living in hell.

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I never had the guts to work at a startup. I like stability: my coffee at a specific time and my paycheck at a consistent number.

Ironically, I have worked indirectly for startups for years now, mainly through Quora as a writer and now Medium. I’ve seen the crazy changes…

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