Real men don’t talk tough on the internet.

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To my knowledge, my mother is not a man. But she’s a very strong woman.

My grandfathers were both World War II fighter pilots. My dad was a special forces soldier.

The phrases “be a man” and “toughen up” were introduced at an early age. My desire for validation, my need to adapt, were all viewed through a very male prism.

This approach brought a few obvious challenges. But what good, positive laws of living can be drawn from masculinity?

Most of these will apply to women as well.

I. Harness the power of mediocrity

The Naval Academy is quite competitive and for good reason. It’s prestigious. There’s no tuition. You’ll receive an excellent education and spending money. But you’ll be required to serve five years in the military after graduation. …

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Yes, losing should piss you off.

Even if you’ve never played a video game, you can learn a lot from high performing gamers. There are many parallels to real life.

Call of Duty has a mode called Ground War. It’s a total clusterfuck, with too many people all on the same map.

The game started. I went full Rambo. Ten seconds later, before I could even shoot, I was toast.

Then I heard some 13-year-old shout “That’s what you get <insert slur>.”

I was pissed. Five seconds later, I respawned.

The same thing happened again. Insert another slur.

If you are looking for a cross-section of homophobia and racism, you should definitely try Xbox Live. …


The sailors were nearly trapped on an island because of stupid impulses.

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In 1748, the first captain of the HMS Dolphin was court marshaled and shot.¹ When the king tells you to bring a ship to a battle, you’d best bring a ship to a battle.

The HMS Dolphin was given a new captain and deployed on an utterly fascinating nautical journey. During its circumnavigation of the world, it discovered new lands that were as bizarre as they were beautiful.

But a mysterious vanishing of its hull’s iron nails threatened to maroon the ship half-a-world from home.

The world was wide open and dangerous

The Dolphin lurched to the side as another gale slammed into it. Water sprayed across the deck. Captain Samuel Wallis shouted to his men, pointing them to man the ropes and adjust the sails. …


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