The trick to mastery has several simple but overlooked components.

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Talent isn’t a myth. But it’s way overhyped.

People write themselves off before ever allowing a skill to grow. I’ve seen people develop shocking levels of competency despite being god-awful at one point.

I’ve come to realize your approach and psychology are a secret weapon.

The purchase that undid everything

We have a running joke…

Self | History

How to get your pirate’s booty.

I know this isn’t your vision of a pirate. You’ll understand soon. (Editorial rights purchased via iStock Photos)

Pirates were never the characters you see in movies: ruthless, cold-blooded killers who would rob anyone at the drop of a hat.

They also didn’t make those annoying ass puns about Arghby’s and Rated-Argh movies.

Pirates more resembled Robin Hood than barbarian conquerors. …

Self | Business

A business trick that will make you a better person, owner, and employee.

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Decades ago, a pair of Harvard-educated consultants came up with a singular question that would revolutionize business management worldwide.

So many products and services are massively improved because of the sticky accountability this question delivers.

The funny thing? …

Our eyeballs are made for looking. And that’s just what they do.

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Your brain often creates imaginary monsters when you stare at the mirror for too long. Essentially, your brain gets bored and finds ways to scare you.

If you stare at someone else for too long, you become that person’s monster. Here are four problems you create by staring.

Things you can fix

My girlfriend…

Living in Tampa Bay has the minor curse of being surrounded by heretics.

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It has become cliche to make fun of Scientology, mostly because they make it so easy.

The Onion has skewered them repeatedly, with headlines like, “Scientology Losing Ground To Fictionology”.

Sadly, I’m surrounded by Scientology.

Their global headquarters are just 25 minutes from my house here in Tampa. …

History | Politics

The story of Toronto’s modern police department has comically bad origins.

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Brothels flourished in the cold streets of 19th century Toronto.

Thousands of sex workers lived in the city and walked the streets each night. They flaunted their smooth curves and alluring soft skin to potential clients.

Local authorities didn’t crack down because they were also loyal customers.

July 2nd, 1885…

A guide for people who hate shopping for presents.

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I hate shopping for gifts.

Most people already own the inexpensive things they want. Others are nearly impossible to shop for. They have no interests or hobbies. If you ask them what they want, they say, “I don’t know.” Meanwhile, it’s our job to figure it out.

So many people…

History | Music | Marketing

The lasting impact of the terrible burns on a pop icon.

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BBDO was in a standoff— and not the type that leads to a dance-off.

They were the top Ad Agency in the nation. Expectations were huge. They were working on a commercial for PepsiCo. It would feature an extremely expensive actor: Michael Jackson.

The plan was for him to dance…

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