Staring down the hardest aspects of life will make you better.

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Just as listening to sad music is proven to lift your mood, confronting difficult truths can improve your quality of life.

You’ll take fewer things for granted. You’ll cherish the relationships that matter. You won’t look back someday and feel like a wasteful fool.

There isn’t always a reason

You can be the most generous…

Relationships | Humor | Sexuality

Sometimes a personal evolution is initiated with love.

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It’s funny because as I sat down to write this article, I felt a little standoffish, “Do I really want to write about this topic?”

Then I laughed and realized the irony: I was having commitment issues.

So I decided to dive in. This story illustrates a transition in my…

History | Psychology | Philosophy

A 2000-year-old paradox, and biology, reveal how capable of change you actually are.

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My mother does this funny thing when I fly home to visit.

She slips into this worried-mom mode, giving me ultra basic life tips, “Remember to make your bed and be punctual.”

“Listen to other people’s advice about your writing.”

She still sees me as this insanely stubborn and totally…

Be careful of what you say or you might eat your own words, or worse.

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All roads lead to the hangman’s noose

There’s an Ancient Greek proverb that “A society grows great when old men plant trees whose shade they know they shall never sit in.”

And this is precisely how Kondraty Ryleyev felt about Russia in 1825.

You wouldn’t have guessed Ryleyev was a revolutionary. He wouldn’t stand out amongst a…

History | Self | Technology

History will remember Facebook Groups as the low point of this era.

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Jury duty is one of the rare places that I genuinely fear for the human race.

And not because of the criminals.

It’s the people I see in the waiting room. A dude with a swastika tattoo on his forearm. …

The secret to improvement is my wet-blanket technique.

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“So I’m not trying to be a dick but…”

I can’t get through most content — even by great writers.

I see listicles and go, “Oh great, another self-improvement article. Lemme guess ‘Five Teeny Tiny Ways to ___’”.

“Another emotional intelligence article. Please tell me your MBTI, bro. …

Some moments will change who you are — forever.

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When I die, Cthulu’s spaceship may come whisk my soul to the Mu’ugalah dimension.

Or perhaps Jesus, Allah, or another traditional deity will be waiting and I’ll have some explaining to do.

Either way, I’ll know these four experiences completely changed my life and will change yours too — if…

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Quality over quantity. That guy from Quora.

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