Ah Yes, December.

A monthly update

We are closing in on my second full month on Medium.

Things are going so much better than I had anticipated. I feel like I’m finally starting to gain some traction with Medium audiences. It’s been such a blessing.

It has been a fun challenge to start from scratch after having so much attention on Quora. It was terrifying at first — but things seem to be moving faster.

Thank you to everyone who has been reading. A huge, huge, huge, thank you to Quora readers who came and joined just to read my content. I know that some of you are on tight budgets, and live in places where $5 is a lot of money. Just know that I don’t take you for granted and will continue to try to justify that investment.

Know that your support has brought great happiness to a man’s life. I will likely never get rich being a writer. But if I can continue doing this and make ends meet — I will live a very good life, doing something that I am passionate about.

Sure — my parents are probably groaning right now. I walked away from a flashy finance job. But I was miserable. I enjoy creating and connecting with readers. The cube was torture.

This new life offers me things I could never dream of.

For example, yesterday, I was able to take a walk at 10 AM:

Bayshore — in Tampa Florida

I was able to feel the sun and cool breeze on my face without fear of people at the office looking for me, without fear of a boss clock-watching me. I sometimes feel like one of those animals who spent the first half of his life in a small cage and now enjoys roaming free and uninhibited.

I don’t take all of this for granted either. It isn’t a vacation. Bills still come rolling in. I will still have to work hard to keep the ball rolling. The good news is that — it will (should) make the finished product better for you the readers.

Thank you again. You are all awesome. I will do my best to meet expectations.

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Quality over quantity. That guy from Quora. Enjoy? Follow for more. https://seanjkernan.substack.com/ Open to gigs seanjkernan@gmail.com

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