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Asking Ukraine to Make Concessions Is Horribly Irresponsible

The latest trend in clickbait journalism has become an abomination.

Sean Kernan
5 min readJun 7, 2022


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“Will you give up territory, President Zylensky?”

“At what point, will you consider giving land to Russia?”

It’s the same annoying trend. And it’s totally off base.

To his credit, Ukraine’s president has been remarkably patient with his responses, where so many would have flipped a table and begun shouting.

The Russia Appeasement narrative escalated last week with a Washington Post article featuring former Secretary of State, Henry Kissinger, saying Ukraine should just get it over with and give up land.

It’s crazy-talk.

Meanwhile, a full 82% of Ukrainians believe there should be zero concessions of land — meaning zero in its most absolute sense. Not an inch. A large swathe of these people have already lost family or friends to Russian attacks.

Yet these same people, who have paid the most immediate price, who you would think want this war to end, are still in favor of continuing the fight.

Chasing a quick buck

The problem is that too many journalists will do anything for a soundbite.

They get the microphone and poke Ukrainian leaders with questions that aren’t good for Ukraine, and that aren’t realistic or fair.

The questions are also completely irrational considering Russia underperforms at every stage of this war.

For example, Severodonetsk: Just one week ago, experts were saying it would fall within days.

Now? Ukraine has reclaimed 20% more of the city, and is winning street-by-street fights.

Granted, there have been catastrophic losses on both sides. Ukraine’s defense minister said that they have inflicted far heavier losses on Russia. Could it be his own propaganda?

Sure. But not by much.

Yesterday, Putin warned that he will strike “new targets” if the west sends medium-range missiles to Ukraine (which are already being delivered as of my…



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