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Burger King’s Brilliant Employee Turned The Tables on Influencers

All it takes is one good idea.

Sean Kernan
5 min readSep 25, 2022


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Great ideas can fall out of the sky and into your lap.

There could be a bunch of people in a boardroom, scrambling to come up with something. Perhaps 1000 bad ideas had already been scrapped.

Everyone sits around the table in silence, stumped on what to do. Then, eventually, someone says, “Well, what if we…?”

Smiles of recognition creep across each person’s face, as they think, “That — right there — is a good idea.” From there, the idea of snowballs and a war plan is put together. They convince a risk-averse manager to sign off.

And then — things get interesting.

How it all went down

Everything began with a bunch of Twitter influencers reacting to strange behavior by the official Burger King account.

The first to notice it was the ultra-famous e-sports star and business mogul, Nadeshot.



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