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Cards Against Humanity Dug a Massive Pointless Hole for $104k

A true story.

Sean Kernan
5 min readOct 6, 2022


Author via Pexels

People were furious.

It was the dumbest project yet.

There was zero benefit to society, the customer, or the company.

The project couldn’t be classified as marketing or even charity. People were rightfully pissed.

They didn’t realize they were dealing with the ultimate troll company: Cards Against Humanity (CAH). The game is the crowning definition of political incorrectness.

(Source: Imgur images)

The game is simple.

Each person picks a white card from their hand. They pair it with a prompt card (above, in black). Whoever gets the highest, funniest, most profane combo, is voted as the winner.

Author via Imgur

Years earlier, Cards Against Humanity ran a contest where they put the fate of a Piccaso painting into the hands of the internet mob. The piece would either be donated to a museum or…



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