• Gem Hemingway

    Gem Hemingway

  • Ahmad Krayem

    Ahmad Krayem

  • Giulia Penni

    Giulia Penni

    Copywriter @ Persado. Logophile. Lifelong learner. I don’t write to impress. I write to inform, entertain, inspire. Thanks for your time!

  • Stephan Paz

    Stephan Paz

    business good

  • Hani Ameri

    Hani Ameri

    Trying to encourage you to go out there to make the shift toward a Growth Mindset. Review, Consume and Create. Cut the mustard for your success. Let’s connect!

  • Ed Juillard

    Ed Juillard

  • Vu T Nguyen

    Vu T Nguyen

  • Ax Ramshore

    Ax Ramshore

    Uncovering books while attempting poetry. Top writer in Books and Reading.

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