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Hurricane Ian Is About Slam Into My City

Please don’t take my roof.

Sean Kernan
5 min readSep 27, 2022


Hurricane Weather Service (Public Domain)

I live in Tampa, Florida. We have an imminent and lovely date with Ian.

Ian doesn’t like that I bought a brand new house. Like a psychotic jealous ex, he wants to take all the good things in my life and rip them apart.

My home is just outside of the evacuation zone. All the highways today were full of cars that are traveling to other parts of the state, you could see various luggage on their roofs. Flights had doubled in price.

My home is in that circle.

My old house was in the red and is at risk of flooding — I’m genuinely concerned about a few neighbors who might still be here.

Floridians aren’t always good at heeding evacuation orders.

Supplies are running thin

Today, the grocery store felt a bit like peak pandemic mode.

People swarmed all the bottled water section while others cleaned out all the TP and paper towels. There’s this weird thing in the US where people want to die with a surplus of toilet paper in their inventory.

“We might be without power for two days?

“Time to buy 72 rolls of TP.”

It’s remarkably selfish. Perhaps they’ll add the TP to their will before the storm hits.

People rushed to stores and bought all the mini-stoves to have a little cookout if need be. It was so bad that a limit was placed on how many gas canisters one person could buy.

The lines were massive. Wal-Mart was more crowded than I’ve ever seen it.

It doesn’t take much for people to go into full doomsday prepper mode.

Here at my house, we have plenty of food and snacks and are going to refrigerate a few of our exercise bottles with water in them. We also have several batteries to plug in various electronics.

I’ll admit I’d been downplaying the hurricane a little bit until recently. You have to…



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