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Johnny Depp Will Likely Lose His $50M Defamation Case

The legalities won’t protect him from the reality of the case.

Sean Kernan
5 min readApr 29, 2022


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The trial hasn’t gone well for Amber thus far.

Candidly, it’s been the mother of all PR nightmares. Yet if you assume it’s game over for Amber’s case, you are woefully wrong.

The evidence against Amber

Eight days ago, a recording was played in court of Amber Heard saying, “I’m not punching you, I’m hitting you.” She then loses her temper and shouts (at Depp), “Calm down. You are such a f##king baby!”

Bodyguards and drivers have come forward saying they saw Heard hitting Depp and throwing things at him.

Her character is also being called into question on numerous fronts.

For example, in the wake of her divorce from Johnny, she pledged she would donate $7 million to charity, including $3.5 million to the ACLU. Yesterday, an ACLU representative testified that only $1.3 million was donated, and $500,000 of it came from a charity with Elon Musk’s name on it.

Notably, Depp accused Heard of cheating on him with Musk and dating him while they were supposed to be working on their relationship.

The Amber Heard feeding frenzy

The trial seems to have struck a chord with men in particular. Many have come forward saying they were abused by their wife or girlfriend, and that they faced false abuse allegations that ruined their life.

The case is certainly a reversal of the common abuse dynamic.

It features a much more powerful older man, claiming he was the victim, and producing substantial evidence to prove it.

Amber recorded many of their interactions while the two were in couples therapy. The tapes are something to behold. It is the worst of a toxic relationship, with two people at their lowest, on display for the world.

It’s hard not to think Amber is blackmailing Depp in some of the recordings. She tries to get him to say he did things to her while he is unknowingly being recorded.



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