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Kamikaze Drones May Win the War for Ukraine

Why the new switchblade drones are so effective.

Sean Kernan
5 min readApr 17, 2022


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Imagine looking up into the cold, blue sky. You see birds flying in circular patterns above you. They flap their wings quietly in the clouds.

They do s-patterns and figure-eights.

Then, one of them nose dives and hits a nearby crowd of soldiers, exploding and killing them all. As soldiers run for cover, another bird dives and explodes, then another, then another.

Shrapnel flies everywhere sending men to the ground.

Welcome to the future of warfare. And it’s about to start in eastern Ukraine. It may become a final nail to Russia’s invasion.

Ukraine’s new switchblade armory

A recent package of 600 switchblade drones was approved and en route to Ukraine, which has already received 100 (and possibly others under the table).

Switchblades are easy to deploy. They are light and can be set up in a few minutes. You can easily fit one into your backpack.

You launch it with a small pipe that shoots the drone out with a small whooshing sound, like a bottle rocket. And like a firework, the drone is on a oneway flight.

As soon as it launches, the drone flips out its wings (which look like blades hence the nickname):

Author via Wikimedia Commons

Here’s the crazy thing

The drone has a range of 15 to 40 miles (depending on the model). But even better, it can get up above its target, and just lurk amongst the birds.

It’s called a “loitering munition” for this reason.

A standard missile is like an enraged animal. It flies relentlessly until it meets its target. It cannot be reasoned or negotiated with. It relies on brute force.

A switchblade drone can take its time. It collects information. It contemplates its objective. But it is like a bee that is eager and willing to die for its queen.



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