I could totally see why that would make someone upset. Particularly if that couple’s sex life was lagging at the time.

Laura and I were having a conversation about this article as I’ve seen some very aggressive reactions from a couple of female readers, particularly about that portion of the piece. I think it evoked some tough memories for a few of them.

Regarding the porn stuff, my girlfriend and I are super cool with each other about most things. I’d have absolutely no issue with her indulging porn. We give each other tons of independence. It would be a total double standard to expect porn freedom and not give it.

That being said, Laura’s boyfriend prior to me was this psychotically jealous Turkish guy who would constantly be asking her who she was with and why she was 5 minutes late. I could see that type of guy losing his mind over porn. I’m sure there are many like him.

My whole big idea here was saying to people, “Hey, let’s all chill the fuck out? Ok?”

Quality over quantity. That guy from Quora. Writing out of Tampa, Florida.

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