Russia Will Never Win

Why this plan is doomed to fail.

Sean Kernan
5 min readFeb 26, 2022

Russia’s invasion has been a failed blitzkrieg — so far.

In military speak, Russia has a “timeline lag,” meaning things aren’t going as planned. They still have yet to control any significant city. They are struggling to maintain control of the Kyiv airport.

In the meantime, more Ukrainians are arming and eager to fight.

My Ukrainian friend said there are multiple checkpoints where lines of everyday citizens are picking up machine guns.

If you go to these checkpoints, it isn’t just young men arriving. There are literally teenagers and old people joining. The people who stayed behind are hellbent on fighting until the end.

Even this 80-year-old man showed up to volunteer:

Author via MSN

He volunteered, saying he wanted to fight to protect his grandchildren.

This couple got married on the day of the invasion. They chose to spend their first days of marriage carrying rifles to defend the country:



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