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Teenagers Create a Fake Company. It Gets Taken Over And They Are All Fired.

A true story.

Sean Kernan
6 min readOct 28, 2022


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He is a once and former CEO.

His name is Thomas Oscar.

He was a 17-year-old high school senior in Australia, who spent his free time hanging with friends and playing in a punk rock band.

When he was bored, he created Facebook groups. He intentionally made the most boring ones he could think of, including “diehard mushroom foragers”.

His friends would then join and they’d roleplay as legit members of the group. So he decided, “Why not a group where we roleplay a corporate office.”

Thomas created a fake company, Stackswell & Co. The name was a play on words of corporate jargon.

It was inspired by Thomas’s parents who had office jobs. He often sat at the dinner table, dying inside as they talked about office culture. It sounded totally soul-crushing, with constant “circle backs” and talk of synergy and touch bases, and pretending to like insufferable people.

Stackswell & Co referred to its business model as “shifting units”, which is slang for selling drugs. There were no actual drugs. It was all nonsense.

His Facebook group quickly became popular with high school friends.

The first posts described the company policies. And they were funny — sometimes accurate. They were goofy childlike visions of what adult life is actually like.

Via Facebook Public Domain

Thomas became a CEO and assigned all his friends job titles (“janitor” was the most requested position).

The posts were a bit like an AI writing program, kind of on the mark — but in a funny, wonky way.

One post, by a 15-year-old friend, said, “Team — I think we’ll potentially be actioning our IKEA accounts to reflect our core values.”

For each post, you had to assign a tag: synergize, office, and hard work. You had to put a subject line with your intended recipients in it.



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