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The “$70,000 CEO” Dan Price Resigns — After a Slew of Assault Allegations

It goes way deeper than most people realize.

Sean Kernan
5 min readAug 20, 2022


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I’ve long called him Payroll Jesus and he didn’t like it.

So much so that he deleted my comments every time.

Until yesterday, Dan Price was the CEO of Gravity Payments, a 250-employee payment processing company.

He was a viral sensation on Twitter and LinkedIn, famously lowering his pay by 90% in order to raise his worker's minimum pay to $70,000. You couldn’t go two days on LinkedIn without seeing his face and him talking about it.

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You’ll still see him everywhere, but not for that reason.

Dan Price just stepped down as CEO, as more assault allegations pile up. A bombshell New York Times story was released Friday, citing his huge social media presence was created to hide “a pattern of abuse in his personal life and hostile behavior at his company.”

A 27-year-old artist, Kacie Margis, said she had a 3-month relationship with Price. They’d met after Price DM’d her on Instagram, calling her beautiful.

Margis was impressed with his bold altruism, and willingness to criticize capitalism and corporate greed.

Margis said the relationship turned south and eventually ended when Price raped her (after he’d slipped drugs into her drink).

If you are a liberal-leaning American who hates the scourge of capitalism, Price was saying all the right things. He knows how to play the social media game and one can see how his huge following came to be.

Corporate America is filled with terrible jobs and millions who, rightfully, feel disgruntled about the employment cycle they are caught in.

The real problem

Dan’s dark side appears to run deeper than most realize.

Margis’s is not a one-off case. There have been five other women who claim he’s assaulted them.



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