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The Most Popular Question on the Internet Is Hilariously Basic

Quora’s bizarro land of question-askers reveals a simple truth of people.

Sean Kernan
5 min readJul 26, 2021


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Try to guess the most popular question on the internet. Any idea? I was lucky enough to meet insiders who knew the answer — and it was much funnier than I could have guessed, but not at first glance.

I was visiting Quora’s HQ in Silicon Valley. The company aims to store the world’s knowledge on one platform. It resembles a Facebook for questions and answers.

Author via Quora

The Most Popular Question

Their platform director asked me, “So what’s your guess?” He gave me three tries. I guessed:

  • “How to get rich?”
  • “How to get promoted?”
  • “How to lose weight?”

I wasn’t even close. Of the 50 million questions asked, the most popular was some version of “Does she like me?” Yet it was rarely asked like that, which is where things get interesting.



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