Why Russia’s Tank Army Has Suicidal Incompetence

The origins of this tank disaster will explain Ukraine’s path to victory.

Sean Kernan


Author via istock images

Military circles have long known Russia’s army was overrated.

But this invasion has exposed them well beyond those assumptions.

To understand how Ukraine will win, you must first understand Russia’s obsession with tanks — and why they are suicidally incompetent.

It starts with the cold war philosophy

The Soviet doctrine has two main gears for military strategy:

  1. Overwhelming firepower and force.
  2. Entrenched warfare.

In Crimea, you saw #1: Helicopters and tanks rolled over the border unannounced. Unsuspecting citizens were caught off guard and didn’t fight back.

Entrenched warfare (#2) was born in Russia’s success in the World War II. They allowed Nazi Germany to overextend and surrounded them — as they will soon do with Kyiv.

But it won’t work.

This strategy, like #1, requires many many tanks. And so for decades, Russia has doubled and tripled down tank purchases.



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