Why You Should Embrace Epistemic Humility

It’s an undervalued tool that enables humility and overall wellbeing.

Sean Kernan
6 min readJun 6, 2024
Pexels Images via Rene Asmussen

I was at the mall and noticed a commotion near the food court, with a man arguing with mall security over some issue.

Their conversation was initially fairly subdued. But then the man suddenly got loud and shouted, “If we don’t get this figured out, you are going to have one unhappy customer on your hands!”

I scoffed to myself, “It sounds like they already do.”

But then it got worse — and he began ranting about how he is a top lawyer and added, “I buy and sell people like you!”

It was one of the most arrogant and classless things I’d ever heard someone say and effectively killed my appetite, which was probably for the better given the state of my stir fry. They eventually quieted down and security walked the man off.

I do wonder how people lose their grounding in reality in such an egregious way. We all start off as innocent, cute little children with no preconceptions about the world. And then — somewhere along the way — something changes for the worse for so many people.

You stand to benefit from a dose of humility — as it provides numerous benefits to our wellbeing, including greater self control…



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