Wow, this might be the most thoughtful comment I’ve received on Medium. You’ve covered a lot of ground there. But I’ll do my best to give my two cents.

A key point:

Too much of anything is bad. Too much porn. Too much sugar. Too much food. Porn can definitely become an addiction.

And on the honesty front and depths of use: I don’t think porn is bad. Truly. I just don’t feel the need to share everything I’ve indulged in the past. I have the right to privacy. I’m actually rather perplexed by the anti-porners. I see it spoken about like it is Satan's hobby.

I think some of the anti-porn movement stuff is tied to painful personal experiences. Also, I think there is a societal issue. For generations, people have maligned porn like it was the devil and it would give people hairy palms.

On the erectile dysfunction stuff —yes, it wouldn’t surprise me if someone had trouble getting it up if they’ve masturbated thirty times that day to porn lol. Again — overindulgence is a chronic problem for human beings.

But yes — sorry, I fundamentally disagree on porn being the root of problems between men and women. I’m sure there are cases. But of the whole, nah.

Thanks again. Sorry you have gone through all that.

Quality over quantity. That guy from Quora. Open to gigs

Quality over quantity. That guy from Quora. Open to gigs